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По многочисленным просьбам, перевод "mukshish"

- Oh my good, what a beauty came here. Hello
- Hello
- Well, who did come here? What's your name?
- Diana, I'm six years old
- Diana, you have such a pretty dress, such a pretty name.. where did you come from?
- From Dnepropetrovsk
- Wonderful! Could you please tell us a little about yourself? Who do you want to become being adult?
- An archeologist.
- Who?..
- I like to study dinosaurs, especially their skeletons.
- Wow. Tell me please.. it's written here that you 'like pink, boys and money'. Is it truth? Well, it's clear with pink, alright, boys.. do you have a beloved boy?
- Lots of. (audience laughing) In my class and in neighbourhood.
- In class AND neighbourhood, oh my..
- And a boy from the another class.
- And who steps up? You or him? Honestly, between us, girls?
- We both do.
- Both do..
- He has a friend who gets on the way and doesn't let me be with him.
- Why are you looking askew on the Mr. Vlad? Have you already put him in this 'lots'?
- What kind of boys do you like?
- All of the. (audience laughing)
- What about Mr. Igor and Mr. Vlad?
- What's left to do with them?
- Exactly.
- We don't fit into 'lots'.
- No, no.. I just.. love everybody in a crowd.(audience laughing)
- Well. the last thing to clear is what poem are you going to read?
- It's called 'Walks our granny'.
- Come on.

Out granny walks rattling with a cane
Im telling her `invite a doctor!
His medicine will cure you
If it's gonna be bitter
Does it matter?
Can you endure it for a bit?
When the doctor goes away,
On the streets the ball we play
We're gonna run, granny, jump high
See how I'm jumping? It's so easy!`

- This is not the end yet! Not the end, not the end!
- Go on.
- I just have to focus towards the end..

Granny has smiled
`What's a doctor for me?
I'm not ill, im just old.
Simply very old, hair are silver
I've lost my young ages somewhere
Somewhere behind enourmous dark forests
Behind high mountain, behind deep water
How to return there? People don't know...`
I'm telling my granny `Recall this place!
I'm gonna drive there, swim, run!
I'm gonna find your young ages!`

- God, what a remarkable girl is standing on our scene, I can't find the words... Your not just a talented girls, you're some kind of unique girl. And I'm pleased with you coming here and reading this poem.
- No, I've been taught like that, because it's a poem..
- Super, smarty, bravo! Not enough words.. Vlad, what do you say?
- Diana, I don't think you're talented... I think you're TALENTEDEST! Tremendously.
- Thank you.
- And it means that our show needs you, you're a clever cookie. YES.
- What are you gonna say, Mr. Igor?
- (illegible in ukraine)
- Thank you
- I'm saying YES as well, you're a unique girl.
- We'll meet again! Goodbye!

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